I’ve been testing the Tozo OpenEgo headphones for the past couple of weeks and overall I really like them, however there are some design elements that I struggled with as I go into below. Read the full review for information on these well priced open ear headphones.

Summary of Review

Trivelo Score – 4 / 5

Overall I would give the Tozo OpenEgo headphones a score of 4/5. They were comfy, sound was really crisp and clear and I retained the ability to hear what was going on around me which I think very important from a safety point of view, battery life was great and they synced easy with my phone.

However, on hard runs without a headband I worry they don’t quite grip enough and might bounce off, and when running the headphone controls are a bit hard to use, but as you have your phone with you I controlled volume and skipping to other songs/podcasts via my phone so this wasn’t an issue as such.

Tozo open ear wireless headphones

Battery life

Receiving the Tozo headphones they come in a neat box. This is also their charging unit. I have been using them for 3 weeks now I have yet to charge the box again. The battery life is great and the box tells you via digital display battery remaining. I probably use them 3-4 times a week for between 45-75 min a time.

Tozo headphones review

Additional fitting adjustments for running

Reading the instructions it said that if going to be using for running to put the extra grip pieces on the back of the headphones which was easy to do. This adds grip behind the ear.

Running with the Headphones

On first wear I thought they were very comfy. I usually run with Shokz headphones as I like to be able to hear the road traffic and people behind me but I find they can feel like they are pushing my ears out. The Tozo headphones fit nice and streamlined behind my ears.

As it was colder on my first few runs I was running with a headband on. This held the headphones perfectly secure and once running I could not really feel them at all. 10/10 from comfort point of view.

I also ran with them and sunglasses on and the sunglasses sat on top of them behind the ear fine.

As the weather warmed up I took off my headband and I will admit I was nervous about them moving around as I didn’t think they would grip enough, even with the extra grippers applied. When running easy they were actually ok, however, on hard reps I would probably take them off. I initially did hard intervals on the treadmill with them on (in case they fell off!) and while they never did fall off or get near to slipping, they do feel ‘looser’ and that was a bit distracting.

Bluetooth connectivity

It was easy to sync to my phone Bluetooth and they were working within about 5min of opening the box and looking over the instructions.

Sound Quality

The sound quality remains excellent and clear. However, without a headband in place I find I had to turn the volume up as the headband obviously pushes them closer onto your head. This amplifies the sound.  With headband or without headband and easy running = excellent, comfy and great sound. Without headband doing hard running efforts  = there is a worry of them bouncing off. Although they never did, so probably wouldn’t use them for hard runs if not wearing a headband.

tozo headphones review tozo headphones

Areas for improvement

My main gripe with them was the ease of use, or not, of the controls on the headphones themselves, you touch the unit that sits on your cheekbone eg. to alter the volume. However, I found them either too sensitive (and would mistakenly pause things) or I would have to slow down when running to properly get my finger on the right area and hold it long enough to get it to respond.

As they are wireless I had my phone on me and found it easier to use my phone to control things. Which was rare, I would usually get the volume right at outset and then not touch it again.  I also did strength sessions in them and even when not running at pace I found the units hard to operate so would still use my phone to control volume/pause/play etc.

Would you buy them?

Looking at their retail value I would buy them at their current price.

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