Beware of Facebook triathlete strangers

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a rash of new Facebook profiles with people trying to connect with triathletes.  They had been targeting various triathlon groups punting out friend requests. Beware of facebook triathlete strangers anyone using that social platform. Friend requests from strangers Two of our […]

ITU Changes to the drafting rules

In July 2014 the ITU (International Triathlon Union) announced changes to the drafting rules for triathlon events.  At the time this caused limited ripples in the triathlon community as we all entered and competed in our planned events.  With the ruling becoming affective in 2016 I have seen this topic […]

Swim Smooth & Swim Fast

The prospect of swimming laps in a pool is enough to put many off ever even entering a triathlon let alone the thought of having to do the same in a lake.  Swimming forms the first phase of any triathlon and getting around without burning yourself out means less pain […]