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Why use Trivelo to buy & sell bikes?

Something that I get asked when talking about Trivelo is what makes it different and any better than anything else currently on the market. Essentially the “so what” question exploring what makes you stand out. Love it. As we are knee deep in the latest version of the site it felt like a good time to devote this weeks blog to the subject.


The founding principal of Trivelo is to deliver the most genuine set of bikes and components. We want all our users to trust what they find on our site. This was borne out of a collective set of bad experiences on auction sites where we didn’t get what we were paying for and lost out. Bikes are big business and they can cost big money yet we buy them on face value. So why can you trust in Trivelo?  We have the only integrated platform to validate the bicycle frame ID. Essentially every frame ID on our site is continuously checked against the national stolen database where frames have been registered. Nobody else does this. In addition we have a database of over 3,000 cycling and triathlon clubs registered in the uk prompting all our sellers to provide details of their local club if they have one.  Nobody else does this. We prompt all users for the national affiliation membership they have and include this with all bikes for sale so you have detailed seller profiles. Nobody else does this. We have integrated profile information from Strava so a persons summary information is available with their advert. Again we want to protect our sellers so no location sensitive information is shared in case in case some wrong-uns decide to try and use this.  Nobody else does this.  Essentially you are not left buying something from a faceless individual but can get an instant view of their cycling credentials from a quick look through our webpage.

A better way
A better way


Ok so using our site will not make you any more appealing to the opposite sex but we want you to love using the site so we invest heavily in the user experience. The way the site looks and ensuring it is a joy to use are high on our priorities, we are proud of our company and making sure everyone we have a connection with sees and recognises this is hugely important.  We also believe in crowd driven innovation and have used our social media profiles to engage with our community and get some invaluable usability tips that we have leapt on and are using in the latest site release. We understand that we don’t have all the right answers.


Supporting cyclists and delivering a kick ass site definitely are motivations to get you out of bed in the morning. It sure beats a dull office job pushing paper around attending endless meetings. We hold all of ours in the pub or on our bikes on long Sunday rides!  Is this leaving behind any real legacy though?  When we first wrote our business plan one universal driver for all of us was wanting to give something more than this back. With this in mind we took inspiration from Innocent Smoothies and committed to donating 10% of all profits to charity. Rather than making this just a gesture we wanted to find the right charity that really connected with what we do. We soon found our match as the charity Cupid aligned us with cyclists fighting cancer who are an amazing group raising money to buy bikes for kids to help in their recovery from cancer. Amazing. We couldn’t wish for a better charity to support and hope to make Trivelo work so we can help these guys and see the benefits the money can really make.

So forget about auction sites who fleece you for money and don’t give any assurance about what you are buying.  Join us and be part of something special.


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo and given half the chance sells the story of what we do to anyone that will listen.


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