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To train or rest when struck down with sickness

Many people have a training plan in one form or another. From the very loose targets per week to the strict professional coach who have daily targets including nutrition and hydration. However you plan your time over a long period this structure is likely to be challenged through sickness or injury at one point or another. This weeks blog is looking at the challenge of how to replan when the dreaded lurgy strikes you down. It is high season for it right now and we regularly see our community through socia media fighting this one.

This week I have been once again facing this issue having succumbed to yet another virus or another. This weeks pleasure was a particularly stomach bug that spanned four days and if I was targeting weight loss would have been a boon. Alas targets this week included two hours in the pool, three hours of running and five on the bike. So far this has been restricted to two hours of fairly pitiful running. This prompted the question should you train when unwell. The general consensus is no and rest is best.  Getting out there while unwell merely dragging it out longer and resulting in you putting in such low quality miles that there really is no benefit from the activity.

Being ill and training are not a good combo
Being ill and training are not a good combo

All well and good in theory but when your training is dropping off a cliff and you feel like walking up the stairs is a challenge it is easy to mildly panic that your next triathlon, ironman, sportive or marathon will become impossible due to skipping that brick session on a Tuesday evening. I am much to the frustration of my family a believer in the “kill or cure” approach of cracking on with some training if you even remotely feel able with the hope you can sweat it out and remove those germs from your being. The obvious other side to this that it completely wipes you out. Worth the risk in my book.

But we are all different and one mans (or woman’s) medicine is another’s poison.  So if your sat at home currently wrapped in a duvet and sweating germs from every pore.  Don’t worry and kick back and try to enjoy the rest.  Next week you will be back on it and no worse for the experience.


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes Ltd and attempting further triathlon glory this year which translates to mid table obscurity at Olympic distance probably!



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