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Swimming drill for the winter months

Keeping the motivation to get up in the morning and make it to a packed pool with various grannies doing breast stroke in the fast lane this time of year. So just targeting a 2k swim each time might not help you build your stamina or improve speed as you just grind out the laps. Our blog this week gives you an alternative drill to try out and inject some life back into your winter training schedule.


Warm up – 4 x 100m front crawl easy pace 10 secs rest between each

Technique focus – 4 x 25m catch up stroke front crawl (allow your hands to catch up ahead of you before next pull)

Increase intensity – 8 x 25m first half easy & second half flat out front crawl 10 secs rest between each

Build set – 4 x 25m flat out front crawl with 10 secs rest followed by 100m easy then 30 secs rest before next set of fast laps. Repeat for 30 mins.

Warm down – 100m any stroke other than front crawl


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes and a regular for masters swim sessions desperately trying to gain acceptance to move up to the next fast lane



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