For our blog this week we are lucky enough to be be doing a review of the MassageTech MT-Sport revolutionary fitnesss aid.  We have been testing this for the last few weeks to support our team in their winter training.  The MT-Sport is a compact electric pad that vibrates at high speed to help athletes to both warm up muscles before exercise and also to aid recovery post exercise.

Introduction to MassageTech

MassageTech have been kind enough to share with us all the science behind their piece of wizardry which outlines how the vibrations work to penetrate deep into your muscles and improve blood circulation.  Unfortunately none of Team Trivelo achieved more than a “D” in biology so we all this science sounds pretty amazing to us but we can’t help to explain it in any more depth!  Essentially all the vibrations help open up your muscles making them ready for action and following a beasting ease tightness & get you flexible once more.

Triathletes in training

All of us at Team Trivelo are triathletes in one shape or another so the winter months see us training across all disciplines returning to the pool, treadmill & turbo trainers.  With training anywhere between 3 to 6 times in a week we have plenty of recovery days but with the winter temperatures low that leaves lots of scope for injury.  Hitting it hard with some more intensive sessions in the off season means a build up of lactic acid that the MT-Sport provides the answer to.  With the range of training for Triathlon we were able to use the MT-Sport across plenty of upper and lower body muscles.  Before we started  our expectation was the gadget was a post-exercise thing but thankfully for once we read the brief from MassageTech which lead us to get cracking to aid our warm-up.

How and When to use the MT-Sport

Using the MT-Sport for our warm-up before turbo sessions meant some discipline was needed to take the extra time and work our muscles for the recommended 10 minutes.  In the moment it feels like a pain but if you consider the time you need to take to get a physio massage booked, the 10 minutes is a bit of a bargain really.  The device itself looks just like a handheld electric sander minus the abrasive surface and is powered by a mains lead that has a coiled cord allowing reasonable movement from the plug in safety.  The vibrations are  gentle and the MT-Sport is light enough to allow you to comfortably use it throughout without any issues.  The outcome of using this during the warm-up left the muscles feeling stretched and open ready to move straight into an intensive phase of a sufferfest without risk of any injury and able to really crank it up much earlier than we would have expected.

Using the MT-Sport after exercising

Post exercise the same approach can be applied with the MT-Sport pulsing through the muscles to break down any tightness and you can really feel the science at play as you use this.  Personally I am hideously bad at paying sufficient attention to a warm down and the sufficient stretching I should be making time for to ensure I avoid injury but sitting with the machine for a few minutes felt more like an extension of my workout than a dull warm down.  There is in addition a targeted add-on that allows you to really address any specific muscle niggles.

Summary of our review

Over the weeks while we have been doing our Review of the MassageTech MT-Sport we haven’t struggled with any new injuries.  Its certainly a good measure for the device but equally as important is our continued use of this without any issue and indeed now integral to our workout.  How this could help with specific injuries we haven’t been able to test so we may need to revisit this review in the event of a future injury for one of us.  Would we recommend you give this a go?  Certainly, especially if like me you are not very disciplined in warm downs.


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo and one of the least flexible athletes you could hope to meet following years of bad warm down choices.

Billy Ferguson

Founder of Trivelo


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