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Lezyne 800XL Review

Our blog this week is inspired by Scott from the Trivelo team who managed to stack it one evening this week on a mountain bike commuter ride due to poor visibility from low quality lights. To help Scott and our other readers we have a review of the Lezyne 800XL front bike light.

Lezyne lights
Lezyne lights

Front bike lights range dramatically in prices with them starting at a few quid spiralling rapidly up to hundreds of pounds. For our review we have a mid price offering that can be found in the sub hundred pound territory. The 800XL is a rechargeable self contained front light with no separate battery requirement. It produces 800 lumens as the name would suggest and is fixed to your handlebars with rubber strapping allowing it to be easily removed for all commuters worried about security.  Lumens for the enquisitive is the new norm for describing the brightness from LED bulbs with 800 roughly the equivalent of a 60watt lightbulb in old money. In practical terms this means that this light offers enough light to illuminate complete darkness for those looking for something capable of handling a country track in winter with no lighting. The light offers modes to vary the power and frequency of light emitted allowing burst modes. Recharging is simple with a micro USB cable and relatively quickly in under 4 hours from flat.

Light quality
Lights in action

The quoted battery life expectancy per mode are somewhat more optimistic than those experienced. Running the light on full whack we found you are talking more like an hour rather than the quoted one hour 40 minutes. You can stretch this out using the economy and burst settings. Difficulty comes from getting used to the overdrive power that you can not readily cope with reduced lighting below this once accustomed to cycling with it.

The light offers good waterproof housing so no issues with any water penetration in heavy rain or from a serious coating in mud. In terms of weight it’s around 150 grams so for all bar the extremely weight conscious cyclist it can be considered lightweight and delivers good levels of light given it’s size.  For the money this is a good value commuter lightbig option assuming your commute time is under an hour. Thumbs up from us.


About the author – Billy squeezes triathlon training time into his commute including through winter an off road mountain bike route.


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