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    Moscow Marathon 2018 Review

    For our blog this week we have the Moscow marathon 2018 Review from our expert triathlete from the other side of the globe TC Tanakorn.  Check out his other content where he shares his wisdom and experience from a packed year of racing. Moscow Marathon 2018 : Amazing day with another sub 4 hour marathon After CIMB triathlon which turned into a swim-run (Aquathlon) race  because of the heavy rain on race day. Me and my coach agreed to do a marathon training and preparation for Moscow marathon in only 6-7 weeks time. It was quite a difficult time for me changing from multi-sports training; swim, bike and run to single…

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    Triathlete Bucket List

    10 Triathlon Achievements to do before you die People are now making a series of specific bucket lists, each under different categories. So Trivelo Bikes have decided to join in and here are some suggestions of what you could put on your specific triathlete bucket list: 10 triathlon achievements to do before you die.  Something to keep you motivated, healthy and excited. Some of these are for the sense of accomplishment, others just to keep you feeling alive. 1. Do an overseas event Smashing it at your local tri year after year is all well and good but stepping it up in an overseas event is something else. There is…

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