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We understand that not everyone can be a podium Ironman finisher and that their needs are about enjoying and competing in triathlon races of all sizes.  Finishing a race is often the main goal for many people rather than setting world records.  Enjoy the moment.  We want to help you celebrate how amazing you are.  We want to connect with you share all about our triathlon blog with you.  

Birth of Trivelo

Trivelo was set up in 2015 by a bunch of triathletes who loved the sport and wanted to turn this passion into something bigger.  We had experienced the challenges of what kit to buy, how to train and where to race ourselves.  Our

Trivelo Triathlon Team

Trivelo Triathlon Team

stories and experiences were something we felt could benefit others.  Trivelo was born.  With Four founders in the business we have a real breadth of experience, and ability!  Covering everything from your occasional Sprint triathlete through to our very own multi-Ironman who has tamed Tenby on three occasions.  We know how it feels to be at the start line and nervous for what is to come.  More than that we still love it and live it year on year.  We pick our “A” races just like you and we share these to help you decide if they work for you too.   

Triathlon blog, community, network

As well as this blog that we hope you enjoy we have a consultancy service just for triathlon businesses doing marketing and product testing.  All supported by the fantastic network of businesses and triathletes we have built up over the past decade.  We always are looking to grow our network so please reach out to us as we would love to connect.  

Guest Bloggers

Unlike many blogs we love to have guest bloggers and our library of articles includes many from our guest panel.  Diversity is part of what makes our content so rich.  If you want to join us then let us know and become the next star blogger!  

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