Cycling nutrition guide

Under-fuelling can be the most depressing experience you can have on the bike as your usual form disappears without a trace and every hill.  Every tiny incline becomes an impossible ask.  Muscles and willpower require fuel to perform and without them your body will slowly shut down and prevent any […]

Cycling to work through work

Guide to Cycling to Work in Winter

Commuting to work by bike can be a real bonus for those trying to squeeze in enough training hours for some serious competitions in either triathlon or cycling.  With hours spent each day merely reaching our places of work if you can trade these lost moments for quality training you […]

Do Turbo Trainers Work?

Do Turbo Trainers Work?

This weeks blog cover numerous topics surrounding turbo trainers and their value for winter training.  Lets try and help cover these turbo trainer myths and help get everyone keep training through the rubbish weather.  Super purist die hard cyclists will argue that you need to be out there in the […]

Triathlon versus tough mudder

Triathlon versus Tough Mudder

In many triathlon circles in particular Ironman based conversations uttering the words “tough mudder” is likely to result in the spitting out of energy drinks in disgust. Ironman is one of the toughest endurance events any mere mortal is likely to ever complete, hard to argue when you consider an […]

Road bikes for under 1000

Best Road Bikes for under £1000

The £1000 price bracket is a hugely competitive area of the market so what can you expect for your money?  And the question on competitive triathletes lips is will I be able to buy a bike that I can train and compete on.  We’ve listed our favourite affordable road bikes […]

Triathlon : hobby or obsession?

Triathlon is a relatively young sport and has risen through the ranks of popularity at lightening speed over the past decade which means for many it is a sport that has been discovered as a second or third sport following success in something else.  For those age groupers discovering triathlon […]

Thoughts of a cyclist

For our blog this week we have tapped into the inner conscious of all cyclists with the inner thoughts of a cyclist Am I getting worse or is just windy today? I normally am at least 2mph quicker through here.  Maybe I am just a bit tired.  Maybe it’s a […]